The Way of the Warrior page!

Note: you can click on the title screenshot to view it enlarged (the large picture is 434K).

1 - Greetings section:

Many thanks to David R. Liu <> who sent me 99% of the information available here! He's an official beta-tester of the game.

I'd like to thanks also Bill Garrett <> who sent me most of the screenshots available here.

2 - What to Look for in Way:

If you don't want to spoil the game by reading the FAQ and the Moves FAQ LIST, then you can read this text by by David Liu. It explains how to find the secrets of the game.

3 - The Complete FAQ:

All you want to know about the game (moves, secrets, strategies, etc...) is in the brand new complete FAQ now at V2.3 I just compiled. It contains all the other FAQs info and many more stuff I added myself. Many screenshots there too!

4 - Reviews of the game:

5 - Some screenshots:

From the final version of the game:

From the PreRelease version of the game:

6 - PreRelease information about the game: