Marching Cubes, what's that ???

Marching cubes is one of the latest algorithms of surface construction used for viewing 3D data. In 1987 Lorensen and Cline (GE) described the marching cubes algorithm. This algorithm produces a triangle mesh by computing iso-surfaces from discrete data. By connecting the patches from all cubes on the iso-surface boundary, we get a surface representation.

Why this site ?

Despite having been published in 1987 at the SIGGRAPH convention, finding documentation on marching cubes is far from easy. Many people experienced some difficulties to collect all the requested information to both understand and used it. That's why it has been decided, as a second year study project at the ESSI engeneering school, to create a self-sufficient documentation about marching cubes that would gather everything needed for anyone interested in this surface construction technique.

Site map

In order to achieve this goal the site contains:

  • A general presentation of the marching cubes where you can find a global description of the marching cubes concept and many uses of this algorithm.
  • A more detailed description of the marching cube algorithm which explain also the marching squares basis.
  • A tutorial containing a java Applet which helps you to familiarize you with the marching cubes manipulations.
  • And some links you can consult if, despite our efforts, you still have not enough informations.


Project manager - Teacher

Project manager - ESSI3 student

Project developper - ESSI2 student

Miss Karen RICHARD
Project developper - ESSI2 student

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