Shockwave secret mission #11: "Milk Run"

if anyone gets more info on how to access this mission, please email me at <> so that I can update this page. thanks in advance!

Info extracted from Matt Brown's (<>) review of Shockwave.

Mission #11: "Milki Run"

Somehow I managed to "corrupt" one of my saved games in such a way that I could play a secret mission (#11) called "Milk Run". I won't give anything away, but I will say that there are plenty of goofy little jokes, as well as a suggestion that there is something else hidden in the game that I haven't found. The same bogus saved game also let's me practice any of the ten actual missions. Cool.

I can get to the secret level by reloading my bogus saved game, but I'm not sure how I created that entry in the roster in the first place. If anyone figures it out, I'd be interested to hear how it's done.

Last Update! Info from Tim Brengle (Electronic Arts)

Info sent to me by Tim Brengle <>.

As far as I know, there aren't any codes which get you there. When you complete the game by finishing Mission 10, the final credits roll, etc. If you look back at your saved game after this, it will indicate that your current mission is 11, and you can go fly "Milk Run" by restoring and starting.

Ok, here is a short description of this mission:

Info from a message by William Langford <>

I'm new to Usenet, and I tried to send this message out yesterday, so if you've seen it before, I apologize.

Anyways, I haven't seen anybody post about this yet, so here goes. I finished Shockwave last night, and after watching the credits, I noticed the game roll right over to the opening intro. So, I aborted the intro and went to the main menu. I then went to the roster screen and selected the pilot with which I had just completed the "final" level (level 10). I was surprised to see the mission name "Milk Run" on the main menu screen. I scratched my head and pressed start.

The mission seemed to start normally, until a picture of a face popped up where the mission map usually appears, and the ICE started talking backwards. When the cockpit shields withdrew, I was greeted by a landscape of what seemed to be BEANS. This odd landscape was dotted with giant milk carton and bean cans. I flew close to a milk carton and saw the words: "Milk. It does a mission good." Also, windmills were flying around shooting beans at me. I did manage to complete this mission, but was only treated to the same end game again.

Can somebody post a confirmation of this level, so that I know I'm not hallucinating? I strongly recommend that you check this one out.

Great game! Keep up the good work! William Enrique Conty <conty@MCS.COM> adds:

Yup. My theory is that ICE has gone nuts, and what you see is ICE's scrambled representation of what's outside your ship. Notice the faces of the developers popping up in the map as you fly along.

Jason Cross <> says:

Yup! That's cool! And photos of the designers pop up periodically. If you pause and "give up" you can see the ending again anyway. And ICE says some very strange things, like, "quick, turn around, no, sorry, wrong way." It's going in the survival guide!

Some cheats on that mission:

Text by Jesse Fuchs <>:

On this level everytime you press the stop button the radar is refreshed and you can see all of the units that normal fade in and out.