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GTE Interactive Media Signs agreement to distribute system

BURLINGAME, Calif.-- July 20, 1994--The 3DO Company today announced at its Developer Symposium here that it is shipping its 3DO(TM) Real-Time MPEG Encoding System to developers. 3DO's Real-Time MPEG Encoding System is designed to provide high-quality, affordable MPEG-1 encoding technology for the development of digital video applications.

The company also announced that in addition to 3DO, GTE Interactive Media, based in Carlsbad, Calif., will market and distribute the 3DO Real-Time MPEG Encoding System as a value-added reseller. GTE Interactive Media, the industry's largest MPEG services provider, has integrated its custom technology into its version of the 3DO Real-Time MPEG Encoding System to better serve the demands of its customer base.

MPEG encoding is the process of capturing and compressing audio and video source material into the MPEG format, an emerging standard defined by the Moving Pictures Expert Group (MPEG).

The 3DO MPEG Encoding System takes digital or analog source material and performs single-pass MPEG encoding of both audio and video in real time. This powerful encoding system combines Intelligent Resources Integrated Systems' Video Explorer(R) and Digidesign's(R) Sound Accelerator II(TM) with custom 3DO hardware and software to provide an easy-to-use mouse and menu interface for the encoding process. 3DO's system supports both NTSC and PAL video.

"For the first time, you don't have to be a video engineer or a compression expert to create high-quality MPEG sequences," said Hugh Martin, 3DO's chief operating officer. "The 3DO Encoding Manager conceals the complexity of this process behind a point-and-click interface that anyone can learn to use very quickly. It has never been easier or more affordable to encode video and audio. "

Martin added: "3DO has leveraged the know-how of Digidesign for high-quality audio, and Intelligent Resources for high-quality video acquisition on the Macintosh(R). Combined with the enabling technology from C-Cube to perform real-time MPEG video encoding, we were able to design a high-quality real-time encoder on the Macintosh at a very competitive price point. The 3DO software provides developers with maximum flexibility in the design of interactive titles using MPEG full motion video."

"Developers need creative control, as well as image quality and fast processing while encoding," said Dennis Garlington, group director of Pro*Motion Services at GTE Interactive Media. "Since 1991, we have been providing encoding services to a variety of clients--all with very specific, highly demanding needs. With our cross-disciplinary expertise and this industrial version of the 3DO encoder, our customers' creativity won't be limited."

"3DO is pleased to have GTE Interactive Media as the first company to market and distribute our 3DO Real-Time MPEG Encoding System," Martin said. "We will continue to pursue other similar distribution agreements in the interest of leading the development of MPEG interactive titles."

The Real-Time MPEG Encoding System is designed to make video and audio encoding significantly easier and more affordable than other encoding systems. The 3DO system includes an online help system that users can access at anytime in the encoding process; video CD presets that allow users to specify audio and video parameters; and a sequence manager that makes it possible for users to preset up to 255 specified durations of source material, rather than individually encoding each sequence separately.

"We're very pleased that 3DO has incorporated the Video Explorer in development of its MPEG Encoding System," said George S. Sheng, president and chief executive officer, Intelligent Resources Integrated Systems. "We believe that the highest quality video is expected today by professionals and consumers alike. By incorporating the Video Explorer into its product, 3DO will enable its developer community to create truly outstanding products that will set the standard for the highest quality video in the very competitive games market."

"3DO's Real-Time MPEG Encoding System is a revolutionary step forward for software developers who want to incorporate professional-quality MPEG video and audio into their titles," said Dave Froker, Digidesign's vice president of Business Development. "We believe 3DO's system will act as an important catalyst in the development of innovative software titles. Digidesign is very pleased to have contributed technology to this product."

System Requirements and Availability The 3DO Real-Time MPEG Encoding System requires an Apple(R) Macintosh Quadra(R) running Apple Macintosh System 7.1 or later, with at least three unused NuBus expansion slots and a minimum of 8MB of RAM; an RGB monitor; and a 3DO International Station for MPEG playback.

3DO's Real-Time MPEG Encoding System is available immediately at a current suggested retail price of U.S. $29,995. Software developers interested in ordering the 3DO MPEG Encoding System should contact 3DO Licensee Services at (415) 261-3211 or fax (415) 261-3231.

Based in Redwood City, Calif., The 3DO Company (NASDAQ:THDO) develops and licenses advanced interactive technology to hardware and software companies worldwide. The company's initial product design, the 3DO(TM) Interactive Multiplayer(TM) system, was created to deliver a breakthrough in interactive entertainment at an affordable price. 3DO also develops, publishes, and distributes CD-ROM software for the 3DO system.