Doom is coming for the 3DO!

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This should help settle the dispute on which platform is better.

Hi All!

To confirm the roumers we have been hearing as to wether or not the 3DO is going to be having a conversion of DOOM, I have before me a snippet of information gleaned from the newly launched 3DO Magazine, a UK publication.



California based Art Data interactive have stunned the 3DO community by grabbing probbably the most lucrative licences of them all. Early next year ADI will be releasing conversions of both Doom and Doom II: Hell on Earth, iD softwares enourmously successful 3D shoot'em ups.

ADI have allready been given ID's origional source code and are hard at work converting it to 3DO. While company president Randy Scott was insistant the gameplay would be identical: "There's no way we would touch that, it's just go out and shoot everything!", the games presentation will be massively upgraded. 24bit Cinepak film sequences will provide in-game links while the actual game graphics are being entierly over-hauled. Rather than using 8-bit colour bitmaps, ADI will be using hi-res, full colour sprites. The Audio is likely to be totally re-done, and theres even plans for more monsters; weopans, and levels.

ADI were previously best known for their relationship with Mirage, for whom the've licenced their just finnished conversion of Rise of the Robots. Another Mirage seems likely, but in the meantime they are hard at work on Hollywood sets filming for an Interactive 3DO movie. As yet the title and design is being kept tightly under wraps, but we expect to hear more soon. Overall, Art Data plans to release 5 3DO titles during 1995."

So waddaya say to that people? Surprised? I was!

I wonder why ID said they didn't ever, ever intendo to let anybody, least of all themselves, do Doom for the 3DO, and then go on to let ADI do it? ID are one strange bunch of doods!

Simon @3DOnline.

This came from Compu$pend, by the way.