Getstats Form Interface

Use this form to make full use of the various options to getstats version 1.2 or later.

1. Basic Information

What kind of server are you analyzing?
Are you using the "common" Web log format?

Which log file do you wish to analyze?

(If you wish to analyze the current log file leave it blank, or else give the complete Unix pathname to the file).

How many lines per report do you want?
(i.e., enter 10 for top ten lists, or 0 if you want everything.)

Do you just want the basic summary paragraph of stats?
(If yes, don't bother filling out the rest of the form - the summary paragraph is always included in reports. Don't select it if you want more options)

Would you like all the reports by default?
(It will be sorted any way you specify below)

2. Traffic Analysis formats:

Each selected checkbox signifies a different report.

Generate a report of traffic:
By month
By week
By particular days of the week
On each day of the summary period
By particular hours of the day
For each hour of the summary period
Sites visiting us, sorted by:
Number of accesses by each host
Last access date of each host
Nunber of bytes transfered
Files requested, sorted by:
URL reference
Number of accesses
Most recent access date
Number of bytes transferred
Individual file sizes
Different domains using our site, sorted by:
Domain name
Last access date
# of bytes transferred
# of unique subdomains
Include a directory tree report (shows accesses hierarchically)?
Include an error report?

3. Restricting the analysis by hosts and filename

The following criteria apply to the searches below:
  1. You can use asterisks as wildcards in specifying the string, at each or both ends of the string.
  2. Masks without wildcards must match exactly.
  3. You can use lists of masks, separated by commas.
Any hostname or IP address you'd like to look at in particular?

Any hostname or IP address you'd like to avoid in particular?

Any file or directory you'd like to look at in particular?

Any file or directory you'd like to avoid in particular?

4. Searching by day, hour, or date

The following must be in the format mm/dd/yr. Ranges in brackets, such as [XX-XX] can be applied, and asterisks as wildcards can be used only in place of an entire field. Other valid dates: yesterday, today, thisweek, lastweek, thismonth, lastmonth.

Date search:

The following must be a number between 0 and 23, with 0 being the hour from midnight to 1 a.m., and 23 being the hour of 11 p.m. Ranges of the form [XX-XX] can be specified.

Hour search:

The following must be a three-letter day of the week, like mon or tue or wed. Ranges such as [XXX-XXX] can be specified. Other valid searches are weekdays and weekends.

Day search:

If you would like this information mailed to you instead of returned immediately (it may take some time!), enter your email address here:


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