The first real search engine exclusively on YOUR bookmarks

copyrights ESSI3; Laurent Gomez - Philippe Pellegrin. @1999

What's this ? :
Do you know search engine like Alta Vista or Yahoo...? It the same thing, but only on your Netscape bookmarks... The search engine just looks for words in the content of your bookmarks link. No BAD...

What must I do ? :
Just give us your root like "/u/dessi3/pellegri" or "/u/I3S/buffa" to find your bookmarks file and give the subject of your search. Don't forget to give us read and execute rigths on your bookmarks file...
Just give several words separated by "+" or "-" to do the best search.
For example, if you want search something about microsoft but without Gates, just ask:
"microsoft-Gates". The "+" and "-" give as first or last characters are forgotten. If just a word is taped, the search engine make a positive search... OK... So, let's go...

Enter your Path root:
Enter your search: