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Who am I?

I'm Michel Buffa, I teach Computer Engineering at the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis. Maybe you want to look at a world map to locate Nice ?

I conduct my research work on Multimedia Mathematics and Distance Learning now. Previously I used to work on Underwater Virtual Reality , at Sophia-Antipolis near Nice in the southeast of France, with Professor Peter Sander.

An interesting link for the french teachers is the CNU ftp server.

In 1994, I was a visiting scientist at the Robotic Institute of the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh . I studied there the navigation of cross country mobile robots using weakly calibrated stereovision. I was involved in the The Navlab project.

Here is a picture of the robot I worked with. The lab maintains a very interesting page with links to a lot of computer vision related stuff all over the world. See the CMU Computer Vision home page. Check also the Robotics mosaic page.

Here are my publications.

PS: I also worked a lot during my Phd thesis with the Delaunay Triangulations. Check my demos on your X11 display!

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My courses

Teaching computer techniques, University of Nice related stuff

University of Nice/Teaching-related stuff

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