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Virtual Reality interesting links

More generally, consult also this updated Virtual Worlds FAQ. It contains lot of information. And don't forget this if your lab is broke: "LSD: Virtual reality without the expensive hardware!"

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All these links are about Virtual Reality. I hadn't time to sort them.

1000 ISS Conferences
0514 Wooden Hut Projects
0507 Virtual Reality for Manufacturing Case Studies
0500 Virtual Reality for Manufacturing Case Studies
0433 Advanced Simulation and Software Engineering Technology
0428 Activities
0409 Universitšt Mannheim, Informatik}
0409 OVRT People
0389 School of Civil and Environmental Engineering - IV Project
0372 Virtual Reality Research
0359 Hot Virtual Reality Sites
0351 CICA News
0350 The Journal of Virtual Environments (JOVE)
0346 A Virtual Reality Cookbook
0339 Info by Project ( 6-May-1994)
0310 Hans Mayer
0310 Movie Samples
0306 Open Virtual Reality Testbed
0300 Chuck's Home Page
0295 MIRALab Computer Animation research lab
0291 VB2: A Framework for Interaction in Synthetic Worlds.
0281 Virtual Shared Reality Project
0269 Computer Science Web Based Information
0257 http://red.media.wmin.ac.uk/VD/Contents.html
0245 Pablo and Virtual Reality
0244 Home page of Toshio HORI
0238 Physically Based Virtual Reality
0236 Latest Digitas News
0236 University of Texas at Austin - LIPS
0232 Computer Science House: Projects
0232 Howard Rheingold's Bibliography
0230 Hillside Research Reports
0230 Picasso Group Resources
0219 VBHC Litigation & Labor Division
0219 LBL Computer Graphics Group
0212 Feminisations by Sadie Plant}
0210 Virtual Reality and Telepresence
0209 Chris's Home Page
0207 LambdaMOO Programmer's Manual - Introduction
0206 (Art)^n Laboratories
0204 History and DOOM
0200 Home Page of Petri Virkkula
0200 Georgia Tech School of Civil and Environmental Engineering - Research Projects
0198 Academic Staff in Computer Science, Exeter University
0198 JMK research
0195 WebStars: Astrophysics in Cyberspace
0195 The Globewide Network Academy
0187 http://bioinformatics.weizmann.ac.il:70/0/support_info/commInfo.html
0187 Office of Special Projects (EH-5)