Way of the Warrior: a review by Chris Weber

Text by Chris Weber <weber@ess.mc.xerox.com>.

Well I waited a bit before posting (Generally because negative posts were usually replied to with "try playing it for bit more").

I have to say that this a good game (6 out of 10), but can be (for me) fustrating to a point where I don't even want to continue. The reasons for this will be stated below. But first.

Likes :

The variety of moves between characters. Having different moves for the various punch and kick buttons means each character has his/her own feel. In MK I disliked the sameness of the characters normal moves and found MKII dissapointing for keeping that.

I found the overall lack of animation frames not that distracting, and the only thing I hate about the jumps is the fact that they often take me off screen with the CPU and when that happens I usually get the sh*t end of the stick. (in Two player this isn't so bad because at least BOTH of us can't see what's happening)

Doesn'T Matter :

Except for three backgrounds, I neither like or dislike the backgrounds. Some of them do have the effect of a shoebox diarama (flat surfaces with textures have that affect with me). The areana is a prime example of this (maybe sampled rock textures would have made a difference here). This does not distract nor ditract from the game (IMO). However I find the lava pit annoying (it would be moreso if the CPU were smart about it, fortunatly it isn't usually so it's only a minor annoyance when I get thrown off the edge). Next to that is the cliffs, but only against the CPU, due to the ammount of jumping needed. The most annoying level is the roof, my eyes are bad enough as it is ;).

Voices, except for Konotori I find the voices not really that grating. (Dragon comes second. He doesn't sound like an arrogant kung-fu fighter, but more like a cheesy DUB of a kung-fu fighter. Or like the guy in Almost Live's "Be Like Billy" skits.)

Music, I like the "kick ass" atmosphere set up by the music. I however would have been more satisfied with music if it had been made specificly for the game. I also would have liked music with a radically different style when fighting the bosses, but I realize time/money constraints were probably involved.

Is it me or is Kull easier than High Abbot? (not that I'm complaining!)

There is some bug where you throw and wind up stunned, but this happens to the CPU to. I think it has to do with throwing and getting hit at the same time.

When Crimson Glory does her hop back initially, the game freezes for a second.

Dislikes :

A speed setting could have made this game better for me. My reflexes are not quite up to 1/30th of a second. I find two and three button press moves (depending on the buttons) don't go off accuratly enough for me to use them properly. I also can loose it if the CPU switches sides on me by moveing slightly while I jump. If I give the CPU even a light advantage, this causes me to make enough mistakes so that I don't have a chance.

As I stated above the occasional off screen jumps are also annoying to me. I had it set to light advantage CPU and shaky jake would do this to me a lot, hit me off screen with a series of something, I'd land stunned and get hit with that flame breath thing before I can recover. Full strength to "end it" in no time flat, and I'm not sure of what he's doing to counter it.

It would be nice to have an option turn off those powerups. Especially the skill breakers like 1-UP. I just don't like randome powerups in a 1 on 1 situation. It often breaks the flow (for me).

A more character specific ending on normal (not more FMV, just more character specific, perhaps some text after declaration of your victory) would have gone a long way to making this have a more lasting play value.

SUGGESTIONS FOR WOTW (If there's going to be one):

Options. Controller Config (I would probably place block on LS), speed select, timer on/off {OR better yet timer always on, but time out victories disabled}, VS mode with rematches by players not by character. More name entry slots for a tourny type VS mode.

There, I feel better now. :) All the above is of course my opinions alone.

-Chris Weber

My opinons are not that of the Xerox Corporation, but they're working on it.

Pronouciation Gripes:

Nobunaga has a long o sound, it's NOH - BOO - NAH - GAH. It's Hara Kiri. HAH - RAH KEE - REE

Not anyting major I just had to include it or explode. ;)