Way of the Warrior: a review by John Emery Ray

Text by John Emery Ray <jray@cis.ohio-state.edu>

Here is a letter I sent to David Liu two days ago... I am posting it here because I think that it may help some 3DO owners see past some of the criticism and rumors surrounding WOTW.

Well... Saturday I went and bought WOTW and a spare controller. I plugged my 3DO into my girlfriends 45" Sony, and started to play. First impression - ummm... this is choppy... I can't make these guys do anything... ugh... that was alot of money... However, I bought this game to play w/ my girlfriend, not to play against the machine...so I figured I'd give it awhile, and see what I thought. At 4AM this morning, when my friend, who had stopped my by girlfriends house looking for me, finally left - we shut the game off. Absolutely fantastic. I have the MKII beta for the SNES, and I played it for 2-3 hours total... Once you've done Scorpion's "Get over here" harpoon, you've pretty much done all there is to do (Scorpion being my favorite MK character)... When we were playing WOTW, we just kept coming up with more and more moves... You've got such a wealth of moves to draw from when making your attack, or defending your character, its incredible. The "choppy" look seemed to vanish, and the characters are beautiful. I actually felt rather ashamed of myself for thinking ill of it to begin with. I am quite pleased with my purchase, and would like to thank you for all of your posts, and for answering personal email, which I'm sure you've been flooded w/... Please give my thanks to the folks at Naughty Dog for an excellent game.
Just my opinion...