Way of the Warrior: a review by Sigmund Freud

Text by Sigmund Freud <maz@pitt.edu>

I've been sitting back, somewhat quietly, while almost all of the WotW conversations have been going on, from WAY back last spring. First off, I'd like to say I've really enjoyed hearing about a game _as_ it's developed.

I'd also like to say that this ongoing discussion was what made me finally buy a 3DO. I had hopped on hear out of curiousity about WotW, and in the process, read a lot about all the other 3DO titles. Since I was starting to get tired of my Jaguar (yes, I _do_ still own it) not having anything new other than T2K, this was a breath of fresh air. I went out and bought a 3DO last May, right after I started a new job. I bought it, even though I knew that the Way was a long WAY aWAY. (Sorry...)

Then, I got my September EGM, flipped through, and caught a glimpse of the review of WotW. My heart sank. I had been expecting this game to be the end all of fighting games. I know that EGM has had some varied opinions before, but, 3's! Two of 'em! There's gotta be something wrong with this game...right? (Although I did have a review of Cybermorph in the back of my mind. And, yes, I did like Cybermorph a lot.)

So, after all the arguments, and debates, and scandals, I finally bought my own copy of WotW yesterday. I had actually been on the WAY-ting list (sorry) since I bought the 3DO. With much trepidation, I popped it in.

To make a long story not too much longer, I loved it. This game builds an environment from the first WZ chords in the intro, and never let's it stop for more than the occasional disc access. Now, I have to admit there's some getting used to involved with this game, but this fighting engine is NEW, FRESH, and CHALLENGING. It's fast! I had 2 friends come over, and we played for 3 hours straight. Then, I played alone with Shaky Jake until I beat Kuul. And I intend to learn all of his secrets, and I intend to beat the game with all of the characters. I truly love this game.

Now, for the _real_ reason for this message (other than to kill some time before lunch). I'd like to thank David Liu for his constant patience with all of our questions about this game. I can honestly state that his participation group pushed me over the edge to buy a 3DO.

More importantly, I'd like to thank the guys at Naughty Dog for several things. First, for making an original kickass game. Second, for doing what I've always wanted to do. They're my age. I'm an Electrical Engineer, with a decent job, doing something I never really wanted to do. They've committed themselves to what they do, and deliver an original product when they're done. THERE ARE ONLY TWO OF THEM! Do you people know how many people worked on SSFII? Dozens? Same with all the Neo Geo fighting games. And this is their first effort!

So, "Hat's Off" to you guys. Keep up the good work. You've earned one more loyal customer.

Sigmund Freud

(I am Sig. I don't need one.)