Slayer: review by Andrewf Fenic

Text by Andrewf Fenic <>

Wow I'm playing a mage on the code "Voyage" with medium settings and this game is intense! The # of different monster types, textures, and background music really overcome some of the deficiencies in the engine to make this a real winner. Load a dungeon full of traps, magic, and monsters - play a mage - and you are in for a really big treat. Get the right generator code and you can create some amazing looking & playing levels. Just takes time and patience.

I hope people will start posting some of the better codes to get great texture & music & floorplan combos.

PS: The fighters are dull as nails. Play a mage - like DOOM but with all kinds of objects to pick up and many more weapons (your spells). You can then attack at range and shield yourself. Can't wait to get at some of the higher level spells. The Magic graphics are really well done as are some of the monsters. Textures vary from nice to bland - again you need to get the right generator code to see some truly cool levels.

All in all an awesome game and an instant favorite of mine.

------ Andy