Shockwave: The official Level 3 (Los Angeles) solution

By Laurent Benes <> from Electronic Arts who designed most of the levels. (A froggie! Hi Laurent!)

Introduction :

OK guys, I saw many many articles about the mission 3 in ShockWave. Far more than I ever thought it was possible when I was working on this mission. Actually, don't blame me too much, I was not the only one to work on this mission. The real problem seems to be these two fast ground vehicles in Burbank that run away on the left. I didn't do that, I even slowed them down. After a lot of testing many people wanted to remove them and I insisted to keep that because I thought that in the mission 3, it was time to put the player in trouble. Actually, it seems that it was too much trouble !!!

I am sure that at least, I brought a huge satisfaction to every ShockWave player who finaly succeed the mission 3 !!

Here is the official solution :

There are 5 objectives in this mission :

Hints :

--Laurent Benes (