Shockwave: general tips by David Liu

text by David R. Liu <>

I almost think Shockwave should get an FAQ...

It's a little on the tough side...but the missions get SO much better in terms of enemy graphics, terrain graphics, enemy and terrain variety, weapons, and mission creativity as you progress through the game up to the 10th level on the moon (!) that I thought perhaps posting a Shockwave tips list might help some netfolks get farther in this excellent title.

BTW, all this info was obtained from playing at the Wingman (default) difficulty; not all may apply if you are on Cadet or Ace difficulty.

General Tips

Notes on specific levels

Level 3: You can actually complete ALL your objectives and pass the mission even if you blow up a prison. I've tried the experiment (not on purpose...) Just be sure to get all the power cells.

Level 4: The 5 big big guns you meet just before the end are really annoying. They are arranged like this:

2 4 1 3 5 Take out 3 first, with guns only if possible, then 5 with guns, then 4 with missiles, then afterburn down the right side of the corridor. To kill each gun, approach it from outside it's range, shoot guns or missiles for no more than 2 seconds once your gunsight turns red, then pull a quick U-turn and escape with burners. Repeat.

Level 5: The lava pit has three really annoying buggers inside. I've never bothered killing the REALLY FAST two green dot mobile ground guns. The red dot in the center of the lava pit, however, i always kill. So destroying all three is not necessary to completing the mission, een though ICE implies this.

Level 6: The only thing ICE cares about besides killing the final boss is to destroy all the excavators. Each excavator takes one LONG LONG stream of lasers, or one NUKE and about 5 seconds of lasers, or TWO NUKES and about 1 second of lasers. Even though ICE tells you not to trash the city as you kill the last boss (who is easy since he has a pea shooter for a weapon), you CAN get by if you crunch say 4 buildings or so. Just don't try levelling the city.