The Super Wing Commander Secret Codes

The Debug Mode Code :

By Enrique Conty <conty@MCS.COM>

The following cheat is from the Japanese 3DO Magazine, (9/10) issue.

I have verified that it works.

  1. In the lounge, while holding X, press the sequence B, B, C, C, A, A. You should hear a sound effect. Release X.
  2. Press L + R + P together. (I usually press and hold L + R, then press P) You should enter the Debug Mode main menu. Follow the directions on the screen.
There are a bunch of nifty goodies in the Debug mode, so I'll just point out some of the best ones:

The "Finger of Death" code :

By Enrique Conty <conty@MCS.COM> and Shawn L. Baird <>.

Basically it's like the Alt-Del sequence on the IBM-PC except that you hit either R or L shift and B together, and whatever you have targeted will be instantly destroyed. Watch out though as I have killed my Wingman accidentally about 5 times now. I've got a better one. Set Killable and Bangable to False, then zoom through the Tiger's Claw. Your wingman will dutifully try and follow you... WHAM!

Just to clarify the Finger of Death, I've figured out through experimentation that R-shift plus B will destroy a red target and (fun, fun, fun) L-shift plus B will destroy a blue target. Apologies if this has already been posted, as netcom has on average been lagging about 2 days per post.