The 128k static RAM extension board

Updated 31/08/94: Added the official press release from 3DO Inc.

After the Summer CES 1994:

Coming from

I forgot who posted this, sorry. It's coming from the SCES.

MPEG and Memory Card - Didn't find out much about the Memory Card except that it looks like a PCMCIA card and fits into Memory Box that attaches to the console - the rep said its used to store games... (whatever) - the MPEG box is smaller than I expected and fits firmly to the AV Expansion slot of the console - the Movie Demos using the MPEG looked excellent! A definite buy......

The memory cards are about the size of credit cards and will have varying capacities with 128 K being around the average size. The reader will be around the size of a box of cigarettes. It looked like a really good idea. I watched as they showed be the memory card manager, which was a lot like the Storage Manager.

John Byrd from 3DO <> just sent me this information:

Talking about the memory card:

The unit we displayed at CES was a prototype, and a ship date has not yet been set for it.

The MPEG unit (which was right beside it) is in fact slated for the fourth quarter.

Rick Reynolds from 3DO <> posted this message in

Talking about the Panasonic Unit being upgradable...

...There is no strict _memory_ upgrade for the Panasonic system. The system is upgradeable in a broad fashion although no such product has been announced in any form.

The item that triggered this thread initially--the 3DO memory card system--is more precisely a storage upgrade for your system. It doesn't add memory, but rather storage space. Think of it as something like a SyQuest drive for your 3DO system.

My apologies again for feeling mysterious this morning...

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The official press release (30 July 1994):

From: (Rick Reynolds)



TOKYO--July 18, 1994--TDK Corporation today announced that it has signed a peripherals license agreement with The 3DO Company of Redwood City, Calif. TDK plans to manufacture and distribute the 3DO(TM) Memory Card and a card reader for the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer(TM) system.

The Memory Card, a highly durable and convenient source of expanded and portable memory, will enable 3DO system owners to save the state of video games on the card and easily transport saved games from one 3DO system to another.

"TDK is pleased to join the 3DO family and to be the first company licensed to produce the 3DO Memory Card and card reader," said Hiroshi Sato, president, TDK Corporation. "We expect the 3DO Memory Card to be a success among the rapidly growing population of 3DO consumers."

The 3DO Memory Card will enhance the current 3DO line of products and will enable a new depth to interactive software requiring the unique features of a memory card for the 3DO system.

"The 3DO Memory Card is a frequently requested peripheral among 3DO consumers," said Hugh Martin, 3DO's chief operating officer. "TDK's experience as a manufacturer of a wide range of recoding media and its well-known brand name are major advantages in establishing its position in the 3DO business."

The TDK 3DO Memory Card will be designed to be compatible with all 3DO Interactive Multiplayer systems, and will connect to the unit via the expansion port. The Memory Card is expected to be available form TDK in the first quarter of 1995.