Road Rash: some undocumented features by <>

Text by <>

Sorry, got excited and forgot a few things. Secret undocumented feature (at least _I_ didn't see it in the docs, but then I read them at the stoplights on the way home): press Left Shift or Right Shift to change the volume of the FMVs--it pretty much seems to go as follows: hit R for max vol, hit L for mute...sometimes you get an in-between volume.

If you leave the game sitting for a few minutes (not on pause during a race), the game will start cycling (sorry) through the rock music videos, all interspersed with gratuitous vroom vroom motorcycle shots.

And I gotta complement EA on those caricatures and still shots of the players, the restroom (can't believe they didn't call it something nastier than "restroom"), the "game loading" screens, the race stats screens, etc...a great blend of digitized photos totally manipulated and distorted and cartoonized. Excellent!

OK, this time I'm going for real.