Road Rash: first impressions by Marc Baime

Text by Marc Baime <>

This is a terrific game. While it playslike the Genesis version the tremendous graphics, sound, and music really distinguish it. 5 areas with 5 levels each. Arcade and Big Game (like Genesis bike, win races, upgrase bike, go to next level. Pacific Coast Highway and City levels are spectacular. No songs during game play (background music with pedestrians oomphing, much vroom-vrooming, etc....pedestrians oomph when you run them over. Ride the sidewalks, sideswipe the cops. Great full motion videos...a bit surreal looking with funny tinge to them. Great music during the full motion videos and at game break points. 2 CDs in the pack; one isgame and the other is anA&M music sampler. If you like arcade racing games..this is a must have. Crash N Burn on steroids. I can't wait to see 'Need for Speed' but now I'll have something to do while they're programming it.

Regards...Marc Baime

Other message by same author:

Just some quick first impressions of the game. Gameplay much like the original with improvements in almost al areas. Steering bike accomplished with L and R buttons and the D pad. B button accelerates, A button brakes, C button is used in combo with the D pad for fighting. Graphics are outstanding as you feel like you're flying down the road. Many objects included in the game roadside vehicles, trees, cones, mailboxes, pedestrians strolling accross the road al over the place, abandoned tires, water and oil slicks. There are places where the road splits and you can go either way. Both dirt and paved roads. There is some pixelization when you're up close to big objects but it really doesn't detract much from the game. Great sounds. In game music but no singing (only in break cinemas). SOunds include bike acceleration, screeching on turns, and various oomphs and groans when you hit things or things hit you. Menu system includes two areas. Bike shop and area where youcan talk to other riders, save game and change parameters and choose track. The cinemas on losing, winning, and getting busted are awesome and many are very funny. Two methods of play; arcade and a game ike th genesis version where you buy bikes, win races, adn buy better bikes, advance, etc. This game is terrific if you like arcade racers. I can't wait to see 'Need for Speed' but now I'll have something really fun to play 'til it comes out.

Regards..Marc Baime