Road Rash: review by Castellan

Review by Castellan <>

Well, just thought I'd post my thoughts on Road Rash, seeing as somebody already did an excellent review...:)

Now, I'm sure the Jaggies and the more cynical 3DO'ers are going to flame me and say I'm hyping this game, but I will state this unequivocally:


As testimony, I and three others have been playing this game for over 24 hours straight - even WOTW hasn't seen the CD tray since 10:00 yesterday afternoon. And to think I picked this game up on a whim.

I never liked the Genny games, what with the lackluster graphics and choppy pseudoscaling. This game has reversed my opinion of the RR series 100%. This game, IMHO, blows T2K out of the water in every visceral aspect: Nothing, and I mean NOTHING can beat cresting a hill in your DMG at near- 140, with Officer Marshall hot on your tail, RHonda and Slim Jim brawling it up something fierce in front of you and forcing you to swerve every two seconds, then looking down and seeing, at the base of the hill, a thru- street with three cars waiting for a green and cross traffic from hell.

This IS pure adrenalin. The first time I played it, the room emanated with shrieks of terror and amusement. People around my room hurried in and immediately got caught up in the game. I sold at LEAST three people on the 3DO yesterday, if only to play this game.

It's a 3-D kickass fix unlike any other racing game I've played.

However, here are a couple things that would make it even MORE impressive, in RR2:

BTW, did I mention that I REALLY like the style of the still graphics? They crack me up completely - if someone could digitize them (to use as Windoze bg) and post them to an ftp site, now, that would be appreciated. :)

Road Rash: The best use of rails yet! (tm) :)

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