There are hidden paths in Road rash!

From Carl Raymond Bach <>:

Question: is there an hidden path? Where?

I'd heard talk in the past of a 'hidden' dirt path which you can ride on in one of the tracks, but never found out where......well, I was just trying to breathe new life in the game by walking left and right down all the intersections to see if there are any new secrets and I discovered this 'hidden' dirt path. It's not that 'hidden' -- suprised I never found it before. Nothing really neat to it; in fact, it kinda slows you down about 25 miles per hour because it's not pavement and it doesn't seem to be a short cut.


Level 1 - Track: Napa Valley.

When you hit 2 miles into the race, slow down and go to the right side of the road. It forks into 2 roads at about 2-2.1 miles or so. Take the one on the right and you're on a single lane road which goes into a dirt path.

John Tisch <> adds:

in fact, if you have nitros and use it while on the path, it is a BIG short cut, I have passsed several rasher's while using this path, and it is their all the way through level 5, like you said it is the first right on Napa Valley.