Cows and Clowns in Road rash!

Here is the trick:

From Michael Lopez who worked on the game, he's from Electronic Arts <>:

Check the Peninsula if not. I spent some extra time working them into the course. Not all the cows are animated and the clowns look similar to the business men, but with very distinctive shoes. See if you can find them as they are extremely funny.

Try running over them at a very slow speed.

People from the net checked!

From Tranthor Alain Sorz <> who checked this trick:

I hit a cow and it jumped up and covered it self with its front hooves. My friends and I laughed wildly. I will have to go check the clowns.

From Jason D. Bardi <>:

There are 2 clown businessmen out in the country on the Peninsula Track (which I finally finished on level 5, it's just that damn PCH). After the 1st fork in the road, you go through a town, then country again. There are 2 of the clown businessmen w/ big blue shoes on the right side of the road--they go by really fast!

Didn't run him over, but got near and he seemed to swing his briefcase just like any other businessman--will maul him next time...