Plugging a Sega powerstick or a snes joypad into a 3DO. NOT!

Info from Phil Burk, who works for 3DO Inc. (<>)


Plugging a Sega, or any non-3DO, peripheral into the 3DO control port can seriously damage your 3DO hardware. The wiring is not compatible because the 3DO control port uses a serial bus that also provides power to the peripheral. Sega peripherals are just switch boxes. Plugging a Sega peripheral into a 3DO box could, therefore, short the 3DO hardware. The 3DO control port uses a serial bus so that it can support a number of different peripherals all on one daisy chained bus.

The only way to adapt a third party peripheral to 3DO format would be to leave the existing 3DO peripheral electronics intact, and wire the switches on the other device in parallel with the switches on the 3DO peripheral. Do NOT attempt this unless you are an experienced electronics hacker. This will void the warranty on the peripheral and could easily damage the 3DO unit if you make any mistakes.