Gridders: review by Carl Novas

A review by Carl Novas <>

Man! this things looks tons better than the CD Sampler. I usually only like shooters (TE, Shockwave), but I bought this because I needed a new game and I had heard so much about it.

Check out the artwork on the CD. Really cool. It looks 3D.

Instruction manual that fits into the CD jewel case. They did it right.

I got it home and wanted to play with it for 10 minutes before I had dinner. The next thing I know, my stomach growled and it was 2 hrs later.

Ok just the facts. It has 36 levels, with practice mode(with some of the levels unavailable to practice???) and game save.

There's a zoom mode where you can zoom in and out by holding the right shift button. Very cool.

I got to level 8. Levels 1 through 3 were pretty straight forward. Thought I had a pretty good idea on what to do, but then level 4 took me some time. You can push some of the cubes around(cool sound when they roll).

I got through level 5 and 6, but don't remeber exactly how, there were lots of cubes rolling all around. The scavanger (radar looking thing) came out and took my green gems a couple of times.

On level 7 you can walk on top of the cubes!! I couldn't figure out what to do so I was trying a couple of different things. The character just climbed up on top of the cubes, just like he climbs up on top of steps.

I didn't get through level 8. I was trying to figure it out when a thing with blades came out and chopped me. Anyone got any hints yet?

Music is cool.

Dog is pretty funky. He sort of moves around on his own.

Anyone got a clue about what is in the basement?

So far this thing looks like its going to be worth the money(unlike some of those other ones sitting on my shelf). When I get into it more, I'll send another post.

Carl Novas