The FIFA Soccer: the secret codes !


All these people contributed : Todd Alexander <>, Ryan Reed <>, <> (TBlunt),

The codes, the codes!

All the codes must be entered while the game is paused. here they are :

Best code combinations:

From Rich Barrette <> :

My housemates and I have been playing FIFA religiously for the past 5 days. We have gotten pretty good, but last night we were all rolling with laughter while playing a game with the following codes:

And the kicker:

Play with the field on BALL CAM :)

The game is hilarous, especially as a multiplayer game, we like to play it two vs two.

BZZZZT! Dive dive dive!!! SHOT! SHOT!! HIT C! C! C! C!



Anyone else find some fun combinations?

One thing we noticed though is that Laser ball and inviso walls reinforce bad habits while playing the game. Play this way for a while then play a normal game, whoa!