Best Strategies for FIFA Soccer!


All these people have contributed to this page: Dave Pancoast <>, Eunjoon Lee <>, Michel Buffa (me) <>.

To get the ball away from an offensive player:

begin pressing the A button rapidly when the ball is being lobbed to the other attackers, or if fouls are off start hitting B+LS+RS to knock them on their ass. If the offender is attacking, (ie he has control of the ball,) either choose the defender in front of the attacker, assuming there is one (if not, you're screwed) and press and hold C as you run at him (gives you an extra boost of speed and allows you to attempt a steal on-the-fly), or else you can just press A when he nears you for a slide tackle. The disadvantage of the slide tackle is that almost always the attacker will jump your slide, grab control of the ball once again, and continue pressing. On the other hand, the disadvantage of the C attack is that it only works about once every 2 or 3 times you do it. The slide guarantees that your defense will have a few moments to recoup.

To make a lob:

The A key is the one to use. The documentation says that A+LS make the lob higher.

Some player think that the longer you press A longer the ball goes. This hasn't been proved yet.

To get the ball up the field without lobbing:

If you are behind the half field mark, you simply press C. Some people also hit RS+C, but we it hasn't been proved that it does anything different. In this manner, you will clear the ball upfield (by kicking it at the opponent's goal) and will allow yourself some time to head on up there and tackle the enemy.

Some people noticed that pressing the C button when a defender he kicks the ball higher in the air than the strikers.

To outrun a defender, or just run with the ball:

The best method to run fast with the ball is to tap quickly B to push the ball a little in front o the player you control, then press C to speed up and catch the ball again. Then press B quickly again, then run..... The difficult part is as I said ,only pressing C to catch the ball up and then tap B again to push the ball forwards a few yards and then tap C again. Its great on wingers, you can make them sprint down the wing and lob the ball in to the box.

In simulation mode, the player become tired as time passes so this method works if you don't abuse it.

Note: if your player has enough speed, you may outrun defenders by just tapping B... Also, it seems that the more skillful teams can manage to avoid tackles from lesser teams (sometimes).