FIFA Soccer: preview by Paul Rance

A review by <> (Paul Rance)

Been playing FIFA for a few days and I thought i'd air my views of it. I agree with alot of people that its the best sport sim/game around but a few things let it down (IMHO)

Firstly, the shooting is way over the top (pardon the pun), you could literly score from your own box. Even the headers are far too strong, I think they should be half the strength. With perhaps the option of a quick press of the C button for a fast less accurate shot and a longer press for a slower but accurate shot.

Man marking is too close, the players act like robots, as soon as a ball is crossed or passed the opposition player runs to where its going which gives little chance to put some nice passes together. Ok the player should move to where the ball is going but not as soon as its left the passers boot. Its also very difficult to run with the ball without losing it. I've noticed tapping B knocks the ball infront a few yards of the player , it would be nice if he accelerated a touch as well to allow you to run past defenders.

Each player should have its own abilities, it seems every player has the same speed, shot power, tackling abilities,etc. Players should have different pace and make mistakes in shots, different stamina,etc

The lack of injury time, the game ends right on the 5,10,25,etc minute even if red cards, substitions, injuries,etc have happened during the game.

Sudden death overtime is a bad idea, it should be a third of the original playing time each way whatever happens and then if its still equal go to penalties.

Should have a practice option, with just your team. That way you can try out different shots on your own keeper. Practice free kicks, throw ins ,corners and penalties.

Having the C button as the rush button and also the shoot button is a bit of a pain if your running fast to get the ball and he then automatically shoots as soon as you touch it. Its ok going back to your own goal as the player does a back heal.

And finally, if you do a shot or lob back to your own keeper above a certain height he makes no attempt to save it. Ok he shouldnt handle the ball because its a backpass but in real life he would save it and then the opposition would be awarded a free-kick 10 yards from where the goalie handled the ball.

These are what I've found after playing it for a couple of days of playing against the computer. Things maybe different against another human (ie man-marking) but as I've just bought the 3do (to play fifa)I havent got another controller yet.

But all my friends (and me) that have played it think its an amazing game .

Lets hope EA do FIFA 95 and enhance the play to match the sound and graphics. One feature that would be nice is to have the crowd singing the score if theyre in winnning.