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First off I would like to say that since I am not a soccer player, I guess I could not be considered an expert. But since I play Hockey 2 nights a week since I was 11 years, (now 31), and have Boston Bruins season tickets that makes me an expert on NHL. :) :) BTW I am at work so I can not spend much time on this. ;) Seriously though I can't Imagine why you wouldn't have bought this title if you are such a big soccer or "football" fan/player Marty. It is really that good. Although the worlds greatest hockey video game would not make me feel "Like I am playing hockey". I would need to cough up "Chucks of Lung" after every rush to accomplish that. :)


Clearly the Best that has ever been put into a sports game. The camera angles are selectable from a menu at any time during the game. I believe there are eight different camera angles to choose from The default is the TV cam which is very similar to watching the game on TV, or the SNES view. The colors are deep and brilliant. There are different weather conditions, and different grass fields with different patterns. The player animations are done extremely well and the scrolling on the field is ultra smooth. The Ball cam is graphically the most impressive and also the most confusing to play with.


The Intro sounds are there to demonstrate the Dolby Surround sound, (DSS). During the game, all ball kick sounds come from the center channel and all crowd noise and chants come from the front and surround channels. To hear them, is something to behold. The crowd is not the static hiss you are accustomed to. Instead it sounds like digitized crowd noises with several chants and songs integrated into it. I believe the referee's whistle comes from the center channel also. I will have to check.


The controller functions are as follows: (this is all from memory so bear with me)


As I said before I am no soccer expert, so I will give you my humble assesment. When I am playing FIFA 3do it almost looks like there is a "REAL" soccer game going on. The passing shooting and tackles are all done with "Good ball physics". Dribbling is best done by trying to push the ball up and run to it. If you try to run with the ball, and don't push the ball up, your opponent will catch you.

The Crowd sounds really draw you into the game. The penalty kicks, off sides and corner kicks are all there. As are yellow and red cards. The crash of players to the ground combined with watching them clutch their legs is amusing to watch. :) The computer opponent is very tough for the beginner. The six controller option allows you to have any configuration of players. (i.e. 5 on 1, 4 on wo 3 on 3 ....)

The game supplies you with a variety of countries to choose from. Each country has abilities according to how good they have done in recent world cups. (At least that is how it appears to me) You then select a game mode in which you can select exhibition, tournament, and league play, among other things. After selecting your mode you can "Move the teams you want to play with" to their respective brackets or leagues. Then it is on to the games. At that point you select which controllers control which team, by moving the picture of each controller over the flag of the respective country. The controller's Dpad on the screen will light up a particular color to tell the player which color will signify which controller on the field.

The computer takes care of the goalies saves during the game. It does a very job of it too. Also when the ball has been kicked in the air, the computer takes care of headders, bicycle kcks or ball stops, automatically, depending on the height, and the ball trajectory. All the player need do is press a, or b, or c.

Instant replay:

After each goal an instant replay will appear from the stadiums video screen. This effect is done very nicely, and can be skipped with a button push. Instant replays can also be done from the game option menu which is reachable with the pause button. All the camera angles are supported on the instant replay, including a user defined angle.


The game is packed with over 1 HR of soccers greatest moments. The quality of the FMV is not that good for some of it though. I think it is due to bad source material. Some of the footage dates back to the 60s. It plays during halftime and at the end of the game. Also during the game, Irritating advertisements for the Addidas Predator football shoe, and Panasonic appear on the Stadium screen. I also noticed a full lenght FMV comercial for the predator shoe during halftime. All of this can of course be skipped with a button press. I have not checked to see if it can be turned off with the options screens.

Thats about all I have time for now. I am sure I missed more aspects of the controllers. But I can't remember any more at this moment. There should be quite a bit of talk about this title in the magazines. I have played the SNES FIFA, and this one surpasses it in realism, graphics sound and features. Come to think of it, they don't even compare. This is the closest the 3do has come to getting a title that should score very close to a 100 in the magazines.

Chucks scores are:

p.s. After playing this game, I am salivating over what NHL might look like !

Have fun

Chuck McGinley

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p.s. This post was done from memory and may have some inaccuracies, and will be littered with bad ounctuation and bad spelling. :)