Dragon's Lair walkthrough

From a message posted by Justin Beech justinb@pinkfloyd

Here is the button pushes for Dragons Lair, typed in by my good self.

Obviously, *when* to push the button is up to you to figure out, but at least you know what the order is. [bracketed] items are grouped because they relate to the same danger.

Also the scene names are mine, taken from little snapshots of each scene, so some may be confusing or have better names known to all Dragons Lair experts.

Just to add further confusion, expect the scene order to be somewhat randomized, and sometimes mirrored! Apologies for any typing errors. Good luck.

entry bridge			B U
three doors			R
tentacle room			B R D L U
striped snake room		B B R
"round" room [vague]		L U R U L U B U
floor trapdoor room		B R U B U
staircase that turns to ramp	L B L L
furnace room			B B B L B
two turning paddles		U B D U
chest & bed room		U
ceiling trapdoor room		R D U L L 
mechanical horse		[R L R L] L
huge knight tiled room		[R L U L R L R] [B B]
corridor with 6 doors		U B U B L B
wooden bridge & bats		U U D B R R
spiral staircase & big bat	B L L [B L]
frog king			L [R R R R R] U B [L R D B]
drink me			R
small tiled room		D U L
throne room			[R U R] R
caverns with ooze		[U U U U] [R L R L] R
lava room			B [U x7]
skeleton room			L L R R
colored balls			[D x6] U
yellow liquid & pot room	U B B R
fire/ice exits room		U U L
treasure room			U L L D [D D L] U D R B B L B