Updated July 14 1994.

Black Market Items:

The black market cyborg will only appear (at random) and offer things that you have enough money to buy.

$2,000 trick:

If you finish a track but don't get the record time, you may still get $2,000 if the next track's record time is higher than the time you got. Just reset the game and you'll receive the record time bonus. Example--on track 3 the record time is 1:04, and you finish in 1:10. No record. But track 4's record time is 1:21, and your track 3 time of 1:10 was below that. Reset and you'll be at the money screen after track 3, but you'll receive the $2,000 record time bonus.

Note that this trick can work against you, taking away your legitimate record time bonus if you reset on a track with a lower time.

Infinite continues:

This is simple--never continue. The game saves after every race automatically, so just reset the machine (or hit pause and choose quit) whenever you die. Just load the saved game and keep racing.

Deathdrome message:

The message in the sideline of Deathdrome track 4 reads:

Once upon a time a genius, a spiritual overlord and a visionary racing criminal became "sotally tober" and decided they would create a legend. Mark said, "Future shock on wheels. Sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll at 100MPH! And with more guns than the LAPD. It's what America's all about!" Madeline raised the toast, "And make sure it is done before September or we'll swing by our heels." And thus it was decided But they needed some help. Little did they know that a hedgehog trainer named Bill would arrive in a few weeks all set to kick some asphalt. "Don't tell me the odds," said Bill, "and I won't tell you to get the hell out of my office. "Bill put the 'I' in Artificial Intelligence, and a little A, too, just to keep me from going insane (again). Cyrus creater a killer two million dollar demo, and then put together the best art teams ever legally assembled. "Programming doesn't have to be ugly," he said. "Programmers, maybe, but this thing will shine when me and Steve get done with it." Steve shrugged. "Say what you like, 'cause I'm not listening." Steve listens to only Rocker, Twix, Druger and Klaw (NOT!). "This thing will shine when me and Cyrus get done with it," says Steve. And so it began, at first a train wreck waiting to happen. But later the prize of the show was winning the blue bundle ribbon. Another Bill joined (you can never have to many Bills) and glued the whole thing together with Steve after setting all the cars on fire. The other Bill says mysteriously, "And wait until you see the other tunnels, too." As always, a few stunt programmers were needed. Troy, feeling like Godot as he waited for OS (should have been called the SOS) tried to make the Fat Lady sing, but when asked to play a tune, Troy sez "Bite me!" and stumbles home to bed at 130MPH. In the end, both the ground and the grunge behaved, and much sleep was had by all. A final thank-you to Frankie Goes to Hollywood (just like 3DO) for their musical inspiration! "The Ballad of Crash 'N Burn" was written by Jon "nakasete miyou" Horseley