The 3DO II specs

Text by Scott A. Krotz <>.

Here's an hot new article I just pulled from compuserve. _Very_ interesting, but take it with a grain of salt of course. Edge is a lot more reliable than most mags, though.. Anybody else have #12 yet? Is this official comment from 3DO, rumored info, or Edge speculation?


#: 25677 S4/3DO Multiplayer 28-Jul-94 13:02:29 Sb: #3D0 II Specs, READ ME!!! Fm: Douglas Grierson 100407,2075 To: ALL Hi all, I have just got issue 12 of EDGE magazine (UK magazine, simmilar to EGM). In it is some of the most amazing news ---- 3D0 2 specifications revealed in full!!

Here they are!

  1. CPU - 66mhz risc processor (possibly R series)
  2. Memory - 4 megabytes SDRAM; 4k instruction cache; 4k Data cache; 32k or 64k non volatile RAM; 400mb/sec data bandwidth.
  3. Graphics: 100,000,000 pixels per second; 250,000 mesh (textured) polygons per second; triangle engine (150,000 triangles per second); hardware texture mapping (bi-linear interpolation; point sampled and MIP mapping; Gourad shading on Alpha and RGB channels; true 3D perspective in all modes; full Z-buffer support.
  4. Colours. 24-bit colour;8/16-bit CLUTS.
  5. Video. MPEG1 built in with flexible rates and multiple stream rates; MPEG 2 to follow as an option.
  6. Resolution; 640x480 - 320 - 240 .
  7. Storage. Double-Speed CD-ROM drive; 2:1 hardware decompression (matching
  8. Miscellaneous. NTSC/PAL/HDTV/wide NTSC and support for SVGA; 32k RAM carts for saving data; DVD CD standard (8x speed) by 1996.
  9. Avalable: Christmas 1995.
In addition to those detals, there will be two forms of 3D0 mk II. Firstly there will be the actual unit. This will cost between $270 -$400. Secondly there will be a $100 upgrade cart for existing 3D0 machines.

Because the new 3D0 mk II will use all of the components of the existing 3D0, it makes it easy (and cheap) to add the extra technology to existing units.

What this all means is that by the time the Sony PSX and Saturn arrive in the States, 3D0 will have a far superior system to compete both on performance levels, and on price levels.

With the 3D0 we see now, 3D0 are basically screwing themselves firmly in the ground. Brand establishing is one way to put it. WIth the "Bulldog' (its codename), 3D0 are matching the competitors performance levels.

The fact you can upgrade so cheaply (its cheaper than the 32x upgrade for Sega Genesis owners) to a far superior system, means that current 3D0 owners will have a completely downward compatable system, that the bought 1 year previously, and that can now run games that blow Sega, Nintendos, Sonys and Ataris preverbial socks off.

Feature for feature, every other system either in development, or allready out, looks rather drab compared to 3D0 2!!. AND you dont loose your initial investment (unlike the Sega Saturn!!!).

Send me your comments!!! I want to hear your reactions!

3D0 HAS a future, Moreso than ANY other competitor, that means Sony, Nintendo AND Sega. Atari will have to hurry their Jaguar 2 system, and bring it out SOON! Otherwise, Jag will fall down the preverbial cliff, into the industry graveyard, alongside other DOAs like the Lynx, Amiga CD32 and Amstrad GX4000.


Success is Garunteed


Son of Doug.

PS: I got a little carried away there, sorry. But, just you all wait, its going to be a great year for 3D0, MARK MY WORDS!