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A place for information about videogames, especially the ones that run on the machines I can play: a 3DO, a japanese Sony PSX and Sun Workstations under X-Window. However, as an old amiga/SNES/Megadrive owner, and as a potential PC owner, I have included in these pages some interesting links I found on the net for these machines.

Six months ago I had alot of time to make pages for the 3DO (most of the 3DO info here is local and compiled by myself), unfortunately I have too much work now (I teach computer graphics and other stuff at the University of Nice, in the south of France) and I don't have time to make pages regularly anymore.

Last updated 17 October 1995

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3DO section:


Game Reviews & Previews

Pages dedicated to particular games:

Game tips, walkthrough, solutions, codes, secrets...

Thanks to Jason Cross for his 3DO survival guide, from where I picked most of these tricks and that is at the origin of this section.

Don't forget to check the pages from the previous section if don't find what you are looking for in this section.

How is the 3DO company going

Games to come

Miscellanous infos

3DO sites

Sony PS-X section

I got my PSX in August 1995. Current games I own are : Ridge Racer, Tekken, Toshinden, Ace Combat, Kileak the Blood, Jumping Jack, Motortoon Grand Prix, Shangai, Winning Eleven, Raiden Project, Philosoma, Magic Beast Warrior (crap game). I really like the ones in boldface.

Atari Jaguar section

Sorry Guys, I don't have a Jaguar for the moment, so here are the only links I know (email me if you know others!).

Nintendo Ultra 64 pages

Atari LYNX section

SNES section

My SNES is in France (and I miss it a lot), so I can't be very active on the SNES front. If you can give me pointers to other SNES WWW pages, I'll appreciate. Mail me the info you've got!

Game Boy section

Video Games stores on the Web

Software companies on the Web

Electronic Magazines

Other multi-machines WWW sites

These sites contains tons of FAQs

  • Video Games FAQS ftp server: Mortal Kombat I and II, NBA Jam, Art of Fighting, lots of infos about real arcade games and console/computer games. Some of the files available there in ASCII have been translated by me in mosaic format. Check my Video Game FAQ Page.
  • A ftp site with plenty of FAQs, electronic magazines dedicated to videogames, etc...
    Regular sites for video game crazies

  • The Games Domain home page (PC, X11 games, others...). Contains TONS of FAQs in html format, lots of links to other games-related WWW pages. Tons of links there!. They even have a game programmer section and a downloading section.
  • Kling & klang video game lifestyle 3DO, Jaguar, SEGA, NINTENDO, *NEW*.
  • The Paradox Web Home Page reviews, codes, papers about games on several systems.
  • Eddy's Video Game Home Page. Contains things like news about new video games, articles, drawings made by Eddy, etc...
  • Ahin Savara's Home Page contains video game related-stuff. Mortal Kombat II maniacs should visit this page!
  • The (australian) Gamesnet WWW site. This site has reviews and previews including screenshots, a mirror of the doom archive, articles from "Hyper" magazine and a self updating hints and tips archive using forms.
  • Check out the video game WWW pages from Cardiff. This site contains lots of FAQs, pictures, info about video games for all type of machines.
  • ftp.digex.net. Almost anything you can imagine for most platforms. New site.
  • sunsite.unc.edu. Sega stuff only, including FAQs, electronic publications etc.
  • ftp.ee.pdx.edu. 3DO material, mostly lots of game screenshots in JPEG format.
  • busop.cit.wayne.edu. Miscellaneous material for CES, Turbo Duo, and Sega platforms. Very often Busy.
  • rtfm.mit.edu. For video game newsgroup archives:



    NetMaze (X11 multiplayer game)


    Arcade Games

    Classic video games

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