The Project

Stf Logo Generator is a Project realised during my studies for an Internet course.
I have devlopped this application on a Linux station.
Here is the whole package (package.tar.gz).

This application made Logo for your Web Page.

The Logo is created via an Server Web in Java, you can download this server if you want to launch your Server.
In this case,
You must have a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) for use this server, you must to specified the port of your server (ex: java ServerTitre 7777)

This server use GIMP for create logo, in using its script-fu. So you must have the GIMP.

I have modified the script-fu for using them with my server, so you must download the modified scripts, and install them in your directory ~/.gimp/scripts

Use the Stf Logo Generator

The Stf Logo Generator use the PHP technologies
You can Install a server, see the README

Or just create your logo. That is very easy, you have just to: