Embedded Linux / Device driver development

Lectures (6h) Labs (15h) Tutorials
Ch1 - Introduction to Linux Lab1 - Kernel development Linux Dual CortexA9/ZedBoard - Kernel compilation / driver development
Ch2 - Linux kernel overview Lab2 - Character driver Android OMAP3530 beagleboard - Compilation / installation
Ch3 - Linux for Embedded Systems Lab3 - IOCTL driver Ubuntu OMAP3530 beagleboard - Compilation / installation
Ch4 - Embedded Linux distributions Lab4 - Linux Framebuffer Linux PowerPC440/ML507 - Application and kernel development
Ch5 - Case study: Xilinx PowerPC Linux Lab5 - Introduction to OpenCL Linux PowerPC405/ML310 - Compilation / installation
Ch5 bis - Case study: Xilinx Zynq-7000 Linux
Ch6 - Device driver development

Requirements for Embedded Linux Labs

Lab preview: Video processing on Exynos5422 Cortex™-A15 2Ghz and Cortex™-A7 Octa core

Online references